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The NWH Group is an independent producer of recycled sand and aggregates.  

As part of our process, the recycled aggregate is screened, washed and graded to produce a quality construction material.  

Our aim is to recognise and encourage the use of recycled and secondary aggregates, thereby reducing the demand for virgin material and optimising material efficiency in construction. 

All products are certified to industry standard and large volumes are available all year round.  

10 and 20mm washed gravel  

Washed gravel is often used for driveways and paths, general landscaping projects and often used in drainage applications.

Washed concrete sand

A course sand that has a multitude of used, ranging from course concrete, a base material for slabbing or paving stones for driveways and path.  

Turf topsoil 

Otherwise known as “as dug” topsoil, this inconsistent material is often used to raise ground levels and improve soil quality for general landscaping and garden renovations.

Certified topsoil 

Screened to removed large stones and adverse materials, this certified topsoil is ideal for flower beds, rockeries and seeding as it can be raked out to a fine tilth. 

Type 1 aggregate

An approved granular sub-base material, often used for trench fills, backfills or as a sub-base for pathways, driveways and patios.

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