Hospitality & Leisure

The NWH Group have a large team of waste and recycling experts, each of our teams are highly experienced in the hospitality and leisure industry and understand the complexities around your waste and the ever changing policies and regulations set out, of which, business owners have the responsibility of ensuring these regulations are adhered to.

At NWH we work with our customers to understand their needs for waste removal. We have a team of local experts who will offer you a free waste audit on your site to discuss the best possible solutions for your Trade Waste.

We offer a full service, with our fleet of tradewaste collection vehicles and vans we are well positioned to offer collection and sustainable recycling of your dry mixed recycling (DMR), food, general, and glass recycling. 

We understand the issues around space in your business for holding waste, we have solutions to the time restrictions, we even have a trained team who will provide you and your staff with recycling training to ensure that you are not burdened with over weight charges, contamination charges and the likes.

We are not only looking for new customers, we are looking to form new relationships and partnerships with our colleagues in the hospitality and leisure industry.

Click on the service below that best represents your needs and contact us today.

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