19 April 2021

Planning For Reopening? Don’t Forget Your Waste

Planning For Reopening? Don’t Forget Your Waste

As many hospitality, retail and tourism businesses across the country are starting to reopen as the lockdown restrictions are eased, The NWH Group has put together some tips to support your waste management plans.

While most of the steps you are taking are the same as before, many business may not have considered the impact of reopening on the amount of waste produced. For this reason, we suggest you consider the following:

Plan for the volume of waste

Try to gauge how much waste you will be producing and ensure you have enough bags and labels in stock to accommodate this and have the correct containers for the types of waste you will be producing.

Know your schedule

Make sure you know your schedule of lifts and consider increasing the frequency as business starts to get busier. We offer daily, weekly, two-weekly, and monthly uplifts and it is easy to reduce the number of lifts if required. In addition, we are able to provide two lifts per day if required which can assist businesses with high volumes of waste and limited space who are situated in city centres.

Keep in touch

Let us know your planned opening times as soon as possible so we can ensure access to bins at the appropriate times for your business.

Full site clearance

Consider a full site clearance prior to opening; we would uplift all your waste now, so you are starting from scratch when you reopen.

Ensure your details are correct

Ensure we have the correct details for your site to avoid any issues as you start to reopen including payment information, contact details and any relevant information relating to your site.

If you are unsure of your waste requirements, we advise you get in touch as soon as possible by emailing tradewaste@nwhgroup.co.uk or through LiveChat on our website.

You’re in safe hands with The NWH Group. Our second-generation family business is on a mission to eliminate waste, and the professional team is on hand to assist you now.

Our expert team provides recycling and waste collections for a wide range of industries including hospitality and leisure, retail, commercial, industrial, and manufacturing operations, as well as construction and demolition sites - with our fleet of vehicles in operation 24/7.

We provide you with the correct bins, containers or bags necessary to store your waste effectively, cleanly and safely, and will collect on a schedule that suits you. Whether you need a daily, weekly or monthly uplifts, we collect, dispose and recycle your trade refuse, all whilst keeping your premises clean and waste-free. Furthermore, for those businesses with high volumes of waste and limited space, we can offer a twice a day collection.

To find out more about trade and commercial waste and recycling, talk to the team on 03333 20 4000 or visit our trade waste page: www.nwhgroup.co.uk/services/tradewaste

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