04 March 2022

Ashley’s Story

Ashley’s Story

The NWH Group, are an inclusive and diverse workplace. We recently interviewed Ashley-Helen Bugla, one of our drivers, who gave her view into how she feels The NWH Group is different to other employers. This is Ashley’s story.

Why did you decided to apply for the job at NWH?

As an HGV driver who is physically challenged, I had found it difficult to find an employer that took the time to understand what I needed to enable me to do my job. One of my friends, who works for NWH, encouraged me to apply for the role knowing the team would work hard to understand and accommodate my condition.

How did you find the recruitment process?

It was fantastic. Rhys Donaldson, HR Manager, spoke with Colin Wilson, The NWH Group’s Transport Coordinator and Eddie MacLeod, the Transport Manager, regarding my application to see what assistance I needed and what mechanisms could be put in place to help.

NWH were more interested in my driving ability, rather than my disability, which was different to other places I’d applied for. I still had to go through the different application stages such as my driving assessment and my exam to ensure I was a safe and competent driver, the same as all NWH drivers, as well as speaking to the occupational therapist.

How did NWH support you to fulfil your job?

During the interview, NWH told me that they would be willing to adapt the truck, if necessary, this made me confident that NWH was the right employer for me. By making one small adaptation to the vehicle, it means I can do my job on my own. If I do struggle with anything, either another driver or mechanic will come over and give me a hand, without judging me.

What’s the most rewarding this about your role?

The most rewarding this for me is that NWH trust me to drive a sweeper and do my job. By doing this, NWH has given me the freedom to work independently and not have to reply on other people.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering applying to NWH and may have additional needs?

I’d say to just apply. NWH are willing to chat with anyone about how they can assist and enable you to do the job you love.

Ashley joined The NWH Group in 2021 and is an ambassador for our values always aiming higher.

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