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A second generation family business headquartered in Midlothian.

The NWH Group is one of the UK’s leading recycling and waste management business with a mission to change its industry for the benefit of the planet. Serving the whole of Scotland and North East England from ten sites, the progressive, second-generation family business provides business waste management services and solutions to the industrial, commercial and construction industries.

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The NWH Group Gender Pay Gap Report

We have released our Gender Pay Gap Report which includes comprehensive details and analysis of all aspects of our business. To access the report, please click here

Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values

Meet The Team

Mark Williams


Nairn Black

Group Finance Director

Ricky Ray

Group Compliance Director

Nicola Williams

Sales & Marketing Director

Andrew Baker

Chief Information Officer

Rachel Morrison

Customer Acquisition Team Leader

Andrew Turnbull

Operations Manager England

Daniel Moczynski

HR Manager

Dougie Neill

Group General Manager

Michelle Hagen

Corporate Business Development Manager

Gordon Hill

Non-Executive Director

Tomas Roberton

Chief Technology Officer

Kelly Lock

Commercial Sales Lead

Craig Williams

Executive Director

Gavin Money

Managing Director

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