26 January 2023

Why we won’t target Gender specific recruitment!

Why we won’t target Gender specific recruitment!

Do you find yourself reading all those good news stories from businesses who have wonderful targets to have a Board of Directors which consists of 50/50 split men and women?  

Well, let us tell you why you will never see such targets from the NWH Group…….  

The NWH Group firmly believe in recruiting the “right person for the job”. By setting unrealistic diversity targets within a business you immediately set behaviors, cultures, and of course KPIs.  

We at NWH are entirely committed to the success and development of our employees and of our new recruits. To ensure that we are able to fulfill this commitment we must ensure that we are responsible employers, and to do this we must recruit candidates into roles that their skillset and personality suits, and therefore they enjoy and will be successful.  

We firmly believe that choosing a candidate who is less suitable for a role, but will bolster gender targets is wrong, and unethical. In the long run, this candidate is more likely to perform less well and in turn, feel a sense of underachievement.   

Okay… so how do we ensure a diverse, successful, and happy workforce?  

Our commitment to diversity means that we ensure complete accessibility to our positions from all genders, cultures and backgrounds. The NWH Group train all managers on diversity and inclusion. We audit all of our depots and facilities to ensure that we provide adequate facilities for all genders, all ethnic backgrounds, all abilities, and ages. We have adapted vehicles to suit disabilities and recruit in a fashion that ensures we are entirely accessible.   

So, would we love to see more female drivers enter an industry which is historically male-dominant? Absolutely! 

Would we love to create an HGV driving position for someone with disabilities that have held them back from such roles? Whole Heartedly! 

Would we love to see Male and Female Directors weighted 50/50? Of Course!! 

But are we prepared to sacrifice the individuals' success, development and happiness? Absolutely not!  

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