08 May 2023

NWH offers employees fully funded qualifications

NWH offers employees fully funded qualifications

The NWH Group, one of the UK’s leading recycling companies, has partnered with the Skills Network to provide all employees with the opportunity to explore new skills and learning opportunities. 

Through the partnership, more than 45 courses are on offer covering a wide range of topics, from environmental sustainability, lean management, event planning, and digital marketing, through to mental health awareness, counseling skills, equality and diversity, and health and nutrition. All courses offer nationally recognised certificates, are fully-funded, and provide a great resource for personal and professional development.   

Daniel Moczynski, Human Resources Manager at The NWH Group, said: “We understand that learning is a lifelong process. Our employees are encouraged to take time to reflect on any skills they feel would benefit them, and they can complete as many courses as they want. It’s really a great opportunity for personal and professional development, and this partnership aims to make skills and learning accessible for all.” 

The Skills Network is an online learning and skills training provider that is underpinned by market-leading technology. It works with more than 500 colleges and independent training providers across at least 30 countries worldwide and has supported 35,000 learners to gain a nationally recognised qualification. Find out more at www.theskillsnetwork.com/.



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