02 May 2024

NWH Group Introduces Job Appreciation Days to Enhance Our Commitment to Our Teams

NWH Group Introduces Job Appreciation Days to Enhance Our Commitment to Our Teams

To reinforce our commitment to team cohesion and appreciation, we proudly announced the launch of a new innovative initiative – Job Appreciation Days. This program stands as a testament to our dedication to recognising the diverse talents and roles within our workforce.

The initiative of our Managing Director, Job Appreciation Days were conceptualised with the belief that understanding and valuing the intricacies of different roles within the company would not only bolster teamwork but also cultivate a more positive and collaborative work environment.

To kick start this transformative initiative, members of the Operational Board led the charge by immersing themselves in a "Day in the Life" experience, where they swapped roles within the business. This hands-on approach provided invaluable insights into the daily challenges and triumphs faced by each team. The experiences garnered promise to fortify the bonds within our leadership teams and inform more nuanced decision-making processes.
During these experiences, Operational Board members delved into various roles spanning Site Management, Weighbridge Operations, Account Management, Customer Acquisition, Credit Control, Trade Waste Collections, and Transport. This firsthand exposure not only enriched their understanding but also underscored the indispensable contributions made by every member of the NWH Group family.

One of the first to take part in this initiative was Craig Williams, a shareholder and Executive Director at the NWH Group. Craig embarked on a “day in the life of” by stepping into the shoes of a Weighbridge Operator at our Dundee Depot. Reflecting on his experience, Craig remarked, "It was great to join this team for a day. Kevin and Laura show a relentless dedication to customer satisfaction, and the entire depot showed a remarkable team ethic. I am proud to have shared this experience with a team characterised by a 'can-do' attitude."

At the NWH Group, we recognise that every role, whether on the front lines, managing logistics, or providing support behind the scenes, is integral to our collective success. Job Appreciation Days bolster our commitment to acknowledging and celebrating these invaluable contributions.

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