Aggregate Recycling / Inert Washplant

Using our own Aggregate Recycling Facility (also known as an inert wash plant), The NWH Group processes all collected soil and rubble from construction and demolition projects.

In Spring 2022, we commissioned our new construction and demolition waste recycling wash plant - the largest and most advanced of its kind in the UK. This £4.4 million investment has enabled us to recycle inert material using state-of-the-art technology and increased our processing capacity from 75 tonnes per hour to 250 tonnes per hour.

This new facility further cemented NWH’s commitment to the circular economy by increasing recycling rates, reducing the amount of waste going to landfill – capable of diverting more than 650,000 tonnes per year – and reducing the level of primary production of aggregates and sands to preserve the depleting natural resources.

How does it work?

Having collected materials from construction and demolition projects we use our own fleet of plant to process the material.

This involves loading, then reducing the size of the materials with our concrete crusher before it is passed through a wash plant and screener to wash then separate the material by size to create various graded aggregate.  

Our aggregates and products are periodically tested by an independent external technician to ensure the best quality material is being processed.

what products do you produce?

Aggregate materials reprocessed include sand, gravel and crushed stone, in particular:

  • Washed concrete sand
  • 10mm washed gravel
  • 20mm washed gravel
  • 40mm washed gravel
  • 90-20mm washed gravel
  • 90-40mm washed gravel
  • Type one

We have our own fleet of vehicles that can deliver aggregates in various quantities to the domestic and commercial sector giving you a prompt and efficient service. Alternatively, materials can be collected from our stockpiles on site.

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