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No matter the size of your business, the need to manage and safely dispose of produced waste is the same. Companies in the United Kingdom are bound by numerous legislations, most notably the Environmental Protection Act 1990, when handling on-site waste produced from business operations - that’s where the NWH Group can assist. 

We provide recycling and waste collection to a range of industries - manufacturing, health care, industrial, hospitality and retail - with a fleet of vehicles in operation 24/7 to ensure our client’s trade waste disposal requirements are fulfilled.

Our fleet and operatives are trained to meet and exceed all trade waste regulations, ensuring your waste is safely managed and disposed of without any hassle.

Once we’ve been able to assess your requirements, we provide the right bins, containers or bags necessary to store your waste effectively, cleanly and safely, and will collect on a schedule that suits your business.

Whether you need a daily, weekly or monthly collection, we’ll be able to collect, dispose and recycle all your trade refuse, all whilst keeping your premises clean and waste-free. 

Tradewaste Disposal methods

It's our goal to provide the best trade waste service possible to clients, we employ a number of methods to ensure refuse is efficiently stored, collected and recycled at our waste management facilities across Scotland and North East England. An example of the available bins and containers typically used on-premises are below.


Tradewaste DMR.png

Dry Mixed recycling 

Dry mixed recycling consists of clean and uncontaminated refuse that can be safely recycled. While the materials can often get mixed in with regular waste, having a dedicated DMR bin will help to separate materials and increase your recycling output. We provide bags and bins ranging from 120 litres to 1,100 litres - which need to be stored on private property due to city regulations - depending on the size and nature of your business, to safely dispose of the following materials:

  • Paper – newspaper, office paper, non-critical documents

  • Cardboard – boxes, card, packaging containers

  • Plastic – drinks bottles, food containers

  • Metal Cans – washed drink cans and washed food tins



If your business disposes of large volumes of cardboard, our cardboard collection & disposal service is the ideal solution. We provide labels for you to sort and identify your cardboard waste efficiently and will collect it from your premises to be safely and responsibly recycled. Our cardboard collection service is hassle-free, simple to schedule and allows for bulk removal of cardboard items easier than any other method available.



General Waste

The majority of non-recyclable materials that do not fit our other serviced categories will be found here. Using similar bins to our DMR initiative, we provide bags and waste storage containers in sizes from 120 to 1,100 litres for business across Scotland and North East England, which need to be stored on private property due to city regulations. Note that this waste will not be recycled, so it’s important for businesses to properly separate and manage which type of waste is stored in a given bin. Examples of items disposed in a general waste bin include:

  • Non-recyclables – please refer to item container and/or guidance for details

  • Polystyrene 




While glass is recyclable, it does not undergo the same process as DMR materials. For this reason, we provide separate containers to store glass products that are disposed of - particularly useful for restaurants and bars. This allows for easier management and recycling, whilst giving you more space for other dry mixed recycling. We provide 120 litre, 240 litre and 360 litre bins to our clients for glass waste storage. Bins need to be stored on private property due to city regulations.




Food is a recyclable material that many businesses will need to dispose of safely and effectively. Whilst many businesses may only need bags to cover the waste produced by internal employees, restaurants and bars will likely have a much higher volume of food waste produced day-to-day. We offer 120 litre and 240 litre bins to store food waste, as well as high-quality bags for businesses with smaller requirements. Bins need to be stored on private property due to city regulations.

It’s important that food waste is separated and handled by businesses properly - particularly in the restaurant industry where large volumes are produced - as this food waste can be recycled and used as energy to power homes and businesses across the UK. NWH Group can support in ensuring your waste disposal solution is effective, environmentally-friendly and in keeping with government legislation.

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