02 November 2019

NWH forges ahead with school partnerships

NWH forges ahead with school partnerships

Do you want access to resources to help educate children about waste and recycling?

NWH Group is looking for school partners to help spread the word amongst the next generation, and will provide resources, information and materials that support teachers to educate children about the importance of recycling.  

Nicola Williams, Head of Marketing at NWH Group, said:

“It is our responsibility as waste recyclers to ensure everyone understands the importance of recycling, and the impact it has on the world in which we live. There is a real need to educate children on the impact of waste and how they can recycle, whether that is at school, at home or while out and about on the go.”

She continued:

“Of course, for engaging with children, we aim to make it fun, and have some great ideas for activities and competitions in the pipeline.” 

We are already underway with the first initiative which is a slogan competition aimed at primary pupils in P5-7. We are asking them to come up with a catchy slogan associated with transforming waste to energy or products, and suggest an image that can be used alongside the slogan - in a similar vein to what is currently displaying on our company vehicles. 

The winner of the competition will have their design printed on one of our vehicles, and this will be attributed to the pupil and their school. We will also supply the winning school with NWH branded hi-vis vests for the school’s youngest children to wear on their class outings.

To become one of our official school partners and receive free educational resources, please contact nicola@nwhgroup.co.uk

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