07 December 2021

Creating a sustainable future

Creating a sustainable future

"NWH is committed to play the leading role in transforming the waste sector so it can drive the target for a net zero, circular economy." - Mark Williams, Chief Executive of The NWH Group

Every area of the economy has a responsibility to play their part in taking action and protecting the planet. The waste sector can easily be overlooked in tackling climate change. However, The NWH Group, one of the UK's leading recycling and waste management companies have put a strategic plan in place to reduce our carbon footprint. The waste sector alone contributes up to 6% of annual UK greenhouse gas emissions. As the country aims to reach net zero by 2050, we need to do more in order to reach this target.

We have partnered with Carbon Footprint to support us reach our goals in line with the UK governments targets. NWH is committed to our carbon management and how our organisation can aim higher.

In the wake of COP26, we would like to highlight what The NWH Group’s goals and ambitions are and how we are tackling this global issue.

NWH has committed to number of initiatives to enable us to reach our targets. We have also aligned ourselves with the UN Sustainability Development Goals, a few of them being: Sustainable Cities and Communities, Responsible Consumption and Production and Climate Action.  

We launched the first of these initiative during 2020. We invested in a £2.5 million recycling super plant to save 20,000 tonnes of industrial waste from going into landfill each year. Further plans are also underway to upgrade existing plant and equipment to continue improving recovery rates – helping The NWH Group to transform waste into valuable new resources.

In July 2021, we pledged to move our fleet to electric and hydrogen powered vehicles and as a result have already switched 5% of our vehicles to fully electric cars.

Climate change is a massive threat to our world, and we must all do our part in protecting it. NWH is committed in this role and will continue to work with the government, the wider sector, and our customers to deliver our ambition.


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