12 March 2024

The NWH Group and Building a Sustainable Future

The NWH Group and Building a Sustainable Future

At The NWH Group, we're not just in the waste and recycling business – we're advocates for change and dedicated to building a sustainable future by fiercely supporting a circular economy.

Sustainability lies at the heart of our mission. We firmly believe that as waste recyclers, it's our duty to educate others on the critical importance of recycling and its profound impact on our world.

Our commitment to achieving circularity within our operations is unwavering. One of our primary initiatives focuses on the re-use of construction waste. In Scotland alone, the construction industry contributes to 50% of the country's waste, over 50% of natural resource consumption, and more than 40% of total carbon emissions.

Through the implementation of open-loop recycling for topsoil, we're making significant strides in reducing carbon emissions. While landfilling topsoil generates 19.157 kg CO2e per tonne, our open-loop recycling process only produces 0.985 kg CO2e per tonne. This remarkable 95% reduction is equivalent to saving the carbon emissions from 30.3 loads of laundry washed at 30 degrees and air-dried.

Together, we're making a tangible difference for our planet. Join us in our journey towards sustainability. Let's create a future where environmental responsibility is not just a choice, but a way of life.

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