29 April 2024

NWH Group's Community Fund Innovative First Round of Funding Complete

NWH Group's Community Fund Innovative First Round of Funding Complete

We are excited to share that in March of this year, we relaunched our community fund initiative, which aims to support organisations that work towards the betterment of our local communities in which the group operates. We have been thrilled with the responses that we received from applicants, and we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who applied for their efforts.

Our dedicated team of committee members has spent considerable time and effort reviewing all of the applications, and after careful deliberation, we have chosen the successful beneficiaries of the first round of funding. We are delighted to offer support to the following organisations:

  • Pregnancy Counselling and Care (Scotland)
  • Bright Sparks SCIO
  • Loanhead Primary School Growing Healthy Minds
  • St. David's Bradbury Day Centre
  • Newtongrange Development Trust
  • Community Renewal Trust
  • Community Alliance Trust Ltd (CAT)

All our successful applicants are looking to make a difference in the areas of mental health, carbon reduction, and recycling education. We believe that all of our stated pillars of support are critical for our society's well-being and sustainability, and we are thrilled to be able to provide funding to organisations that share our vision. We hope that our support will help these organisations achieve their goals and make a positive impact in our communities. We sincerely look forward to sharing more of their stories in the near future.

Just to remind everyone, this is not a one-time opportunity! The NWH Group is committed to releasing funds three times a year. We encourage everyone to apply and ensure that their applications are reviewed for our next fund release in July.

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