31 January 2017

Two #wheeliehappy winners!

Two #wheeliehappy winners!

It has been 2 weeks since Bruce Aitchison won our #imwheeliehappy competition. We asked him a few questions as we were intrigued to find out who he was going to take, as there were three of them in the picture and only two tickets!!

Bruce’s winning #imwheeliehappy photograph was a selfie of him and his daughters at the Edinburgh Christmas Markets – obviously featuring an NWH Group bin!

When asked how he found out about the competition he explained that they had noticed the poster when they were ice skating at Christmas, he said ‘Maisie (7) loves Olly Murs and we always love a Selfie.’

Wondering who he will take to the concert? Well we did too! He admitted ‘Maisie & Katy (5) LOVE when we take pictures! Maisie is the Olly Murs fan’. It looks like Maisie will be the lucky one then! Although Bruce does admit he won’t be taking Maisie, Maisie will be taking him! On the day of the concert, Katy will have ‘a play date with her friend as her treat. She is as happy as her sister!’

Bruce can’t wait to take Maisie to her first concert and ‘see her face light up and be amazed by the whole thing!’

Well Bruce, Thanks again for entering and congratulations for being our #imwheeliehappy winner and we can’t wait to hear how you and Maisie get on watching Olly Murs from the VIP section!

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