17 September 2019

Adverse weather in Scotland costs the economy £75m per day. Don’t let adverse weather stop your business

Adverse weather in Scotland costs the economy £75m per day. Don’t let adverse weather stop your business

In 2018 economist Tony MacKay estimated the cost of adverse weather to the Scottish economy to be £75m per day. Estimating that economic output in Scotland was around £375m a day on average, that was reduced by 20% each day that the country was seriously affected by adverse weather. Due to climate change, the number of days that Scottish businesses are affected by adverse weather is due to increase year on year.

At The NWH Group the environmental impact of non-recyclables is one of our key focuses and with a vision to eliminate waste by transforming it into a valuable resource, we are already well on our way to ensuring that each and every one of our customers, colleagues, suppliers and partners are well educated on the importance of recycling.

Our teams offer support to businesses in the hotel, retail, manufacturing and construction industries, by providing an essential range of products and services whilst keeping the economic and environmental impact at the forefront of our minds.

One of the immediate impacts that adverse weather has on businesses is their ability to continue trading when hit. With this in mind, The NWH Group offers winter gritting services to customers across Scotland. Winter gritting is a service that should and can be automatically triggered when the temperate drops below 2 degrees, ensuring our team will attend our customers’ sites and clear the entrances and surrounding areas of snow and ice as well as spreading grit to ensure the areas remain safe for staff and customers.

The Group also offers customers a winter gritting service on an adhoc basis but as a business owner, the pressures of the day to day running of the business mean that the weather is just another administrative monitoring task that need not be necessary.

We have a team of highly knowledgeable experts on hand to provide advice, whether that be on how best we can help make a positive impact on the environment through recycling or indeed how best to protect their business when the impacts of climate change and adverse weather hit.

To find out more about our winter gritting service, please contact Tracey Snedden tracey.snedden@nwhgroup.co.uk

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