07 October 2020

NWH Group announce partnership with Pour

NWH Group announce partnership with Pour

NWH are committed to supporting the hospitality industry, especially during this difficult and uncertain time.

As part this, and further outlining our commitment to all the industries in which we operate, throughout the lockdown we ensured the slick halting of services to allow our customers to suspend their waste operation and take away the financial worry of it. Today, as the world adapts and industry begins to reopen, our local team of expert personnel are back out delivering waste removal audits, the ever-important recycling training and operating our fleet of trade waste collection vehicles, enabling businesses to handle the sustainable collection of different forms of recycling and waste.

Furthermore, we are proud to announce that we will also be partnering with Pour – an innovative start-up who have transformed food and drink ordering to fight the impacts of Covid-19.

This exciting new platform is in line with our values at NWH; it’s affordable and essential for hospitality businesses, ensuring you are keeping both your staff and customers safe, whilst delivering the best and safest service possible in this new era of dining out.

What is Pour and why are we supporting it?

Founded by Scottish entrepreneurs Ian Martin and Paul Kirkland, Pour is an online app platform that enables venues to upload their menus for customers to browse the available options.

Customers can then order and pay in a completely contactless fashion, with all orders placed on their mobile phones and either collected at a takeaway point or served to the table.

This slick service takes away any unnecessary contact, reducing the risk of infection amongst both staff and customers. In addition, it helps businesses reduce order and pay administration, increasing their rate of sale, and opening a marketing platform beyond their own customer database.

Digitising our Future

At NWH, we have been working hard on digitalisation and technologies that improve business operations, so we are thrilled to be supporting Pour who are a great example of innovation and just how powerful utilising technology to overcome this year’s hurdles can be.

Ian Martin, co-founder of Pour, said of the platform: “As businesses look for ways to streamline their processes and increase efficiencies, technology has never had a more important role to play in the hospitality industry.

We recognise that people do not want an app or account to order from each individual venue they visit, and many businesses can’t afford to hand over the excruciating commissions tech giants ask for. So we started Pour to bring table and takeaway ordering together on one platform, where businesses of all sizes can afford to join.”

Pour has been working with business across Scotland since August and businesses can get in touch to find out more about the platform by visiting here.

To get in touch with NWH regarding our incredible hospitality services, please visit this link or give us a call on 03333 20 4000.

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