28 December 2023

Embracing Sustainability Beyond Christmas Day: NWH’s Recycling and Eco-Conscious Top Tips

Embracing Sustainability Beyond Christmas Day: NWH’s Recycling and Eco-Conscious Top Tips

The holiday season often brings joy, warmth, and an abundance of festivities. However, amidst the celebrations, it's easy to overlook the environmental impact of our traditions, especially during after Christmas. From wrapping paper to packaging and decorations, the aftermath of the holiday season can leave a significant ecological footprint. But fear not! There are numerous ways to sustainably navigate the post-Christmas period, embracing eco-friendly practices and responsible recycling to minimise waste. Here's how you can do your part with our top five recommendations.

1. Mindful Unwrapping and Reusing

We are all familiar with the Christmas Day horror of having wrapping paper scattered all over the floor, or that one family member who is always ready with a black bag to ensure not even a small piece of paper remains. Well, here is how we recommend you dispose of it.

We would like to encourage everyone to place the paper directly into your recycling bin. However, please be aware that some types of wrapping paper may not be suitable for recycling and should be put in the general waste. Alternatively, you can also reuse the paper by smoothing it out and folding any salvageable pieces for future use.

2. Recycling Old Items, Electronics and Packaging

Shiny and new items often make their way into our homes during the holiday season as we indulge in gift-giving traditions at Christmas. You may find yourself with a brand-new vacuum cleaner, air fryer, guitar, or the new boots you've been wanting for ages. However, once the initial excitement fades, you may realise that you still have your old items and electronics lurking about in your home. Therefore, we encourage you to recycle these old items and electronics at centres that responsibly refurbish or recycle them, or even better, donate them to charity. Additionally, remember to separate the packaging materials from your gifts. Cardboard boxes, foam inserts, and bubble wrap can often be recycled at local collection points.

3. Proper Disposal of Christmas Trees

For those who opt for real Christmas trees, consider the sustainable disposal of these natural decorations. Many communities have tree recycling programs where trees are chipped into mulch for parks or gardens. Look for local drop-off locations or inquire with your municipality for specific disposal instructions.

4. Upcycling Christmas Decorations

Once the festivities wind down, don't rush to pack away decorations. Instead, get creative and upcycle holiday décor. Repurpose old ornaments into new crafts, use leftover materials for DIY projects, or donate gently used decorations to local charities or shelters.

5. Composting Food Scraps

After indulging in holiday feasts, despite your best efforts to devour and finish all the Christmas goodies, it's highly likely that you'll still have a significant amount of food left over, which is now probably expired and inedible or you might have received that box of chocolates from that one auntie who insists on giving them to you, even though you simply can't stomach them. Instead of mindlessly throwing away these food scraps, consider utilising them for composting at home or if you have Christmas food gifts that you know you'll never consume, why not give someone an extra gift in the new year by giving away your unwanted food presents?

As the holiday season transitions into the new year, let's carry the spirit of giving into sustainable practices. By embracing mindful consumption, responsible recycling, and eco-conscious habits, we can significantly reduce our environmental impact. Together, let's make post-Christmas sustainability a cherished tradition, ensuring a greener and brighter future for all.

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