Gritting & Snow Clearance

One of the immediate impacts that adverse weather has on businesses is their ability to continue trading when hit. With this in mind, The NWH Group offers winter gritting services to customers across Scotland.

We offer:

  • Automatic dispatch when the temperature drops below a certain level
  • 24/7 support and a quick response time
  • Weather monitoring using Met Office specific reports
  • State of the art gritting vehicles
  • Highly trained team of operatives
  • Ad hoc service also available
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auto-call gritting and snow clearance service

Winter gritting is a service that should and can be automatically triggered when the temperate drops below a certain level, ensuring our team will attend our customers’ sites and clear the entrances and surrounding areas of snow and ice as well as spreading grit to ensure the areas remain safe for staff and customers.

We also offer customers a winter gritting service on an adhoc basis but as a business owner, the pressures of the day to day running of the business mean that the weather is just another administrative monitoring task that need not be necessary.

We have a team of highly knowledgeable experts on hand to provide advice, whether that be on how best we can help make a positive impact on the environment through recycling or indeed how best to protect their business when the impacts of climate change and adverse weather hit.


Monitoring the weather and keeping you afloat

With our Auto-Call service, our highly trained team monitor the weather for you, using Met Office specific reports. We automatically arrange for the dispatch of gritters and treatments to your site at pre-agreed times - when the temperature falls beneath a certain level.

Signing up also gives your business priority booking of our fleet of gritters, should a weather emergency arise. This enables you to stay ahead of the weather and avoid disruption to your operations.


24-Hour Support And quick response time

NWH Group understand the need for haste should a storm or snowy conditions arise, that’s why we:

  • Promise an extremely quick turnaround with all our gritting vehicles
  • Have a team of responsive staff available 24 hours a day

Here to support you, we will get a suitable gritter out to you as quickly as possible, day or night, to avoid any delays to your business.


Who We Help

The kinds of businesses we serve include:

  • Local councils - who are overwhelmed and need to outsource gritters
  • Car parks – those in car park management who need clean and safe roads and paths as part of their operations
  • Facilities management – facilities managers tasked with keeping roads and pathways safe and usable for staff and customers
  • Industrial units – anyone with industrial units as part of their operations, with footpaths or roads used for vehicles or staff
  • And many more


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We provide winter management and gritting services around Scotland, with depots across the country and region.

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Find out more information here or speak to our team on the phone by giving us a call on 03333 20 4000.

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