18 March 2024

NWH Group Re-Launches £21,000 Annual Community Support Initiative

NWH Group Re-Launches £21,000 Annual Community Support Initiative

In a bid to bolster our commitment to local communities we are thrilled to announce the re-launch of our community fund initiative, which was first launched in 2016 aimed at supporting private community-led charities within the geographies in which we operate. With a dedicated annual fund of £21,000, we aim to empower organisations to sustain their vital activities within the communities in which they serve.

The initiative, set to recommence immediately, will operate on a transparent and inclusive application-based process. Charities aligned with our core pillars of support will be eligible to apply for funding. 

These pillars encompass:

Recycling Education in Young People: Encouraging and facilitating environmental awareness and sustainable practices among the youth.

Mental Wellbeing: Promoting mental health initiatives and supporting programs that foster emotional resilience and wellbeing.

Carbon Reduction: Investing in initiatives aimed at reducing carbon footprint

Talent Growth: Nurturing talent through scholarships, apprenticeships, and skill development programs.

We have outlined our commitment to allocate the funds three times a year, ensuring a consistent and impactful support system for the selected charities. The selection process will be overseen by a committee comprising individuals within our organisation. 

Commenting on the initiative, the Managing Director of NWH Group, Gavin Money, stated, "As a company deeply rooted in the communities we serve, we understand the significance of supporting local initiatives that foster positive change. Our new community support initiative underlines our unwavering commitment to social responsibility and sustainability."

The application process for the funds release will commence on Monday 25th of March 2024. Charities interested in applying are encouraged to complete an application form which can be done here:- Community Fund Application :: NWH Group and submit their proposals, highlighting their alignment with the NWH Group's pillars of support and demonstrating the impact of their initiatives within the community.

The first disbursement of funds is scheduled for April 24, marking the beginning of a transformative journey aimed at enhancing the resilience and vibrancy of local communities across the NWH Group's operational areas.

For further information regarding the application process and eligibility criteria, interested parties can visit the NWH Group's website or contact their community team directly at: community@nwhgroup.co.uk

With this initiative, we are pleased to set a commendable precedent for corporate social responsibility in the waste management sector.

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