23 November 2023

Sustainable Celebrations: How The NWH Group Supports Festive Business

Sustainable Celebrations: How The NWH Group Supports Festive Business

As the winter season approaches, the holiday festivities are just around the corner! Soon, the dark nights will be illuminated by Christmas lights, and the cold will be avoided with warm mulled ciders and hot chocolate as we all indulge in the essence of Christmas.

Although an enjoyable time for everyone else, for hospitality and retail businesses, this is the most crucial time of the year as teams work hard to capitalise on the surge in consumer spending which can make managing shops, bars, and restaurants bustling with activity challenging, especially when it comes to waste and recycling.

That's where we come in. As a leading waste management company, we aim to help our customers within this industry by doing all the leg work when it comes to effeciant waste disposal ensure legilsations critera are met. Our goal is to provide the best trade waste service possible to our clients employing various methods to ensure that refuse is efficiently stored, collected, and recycled at our waste management facilities across Scotland and Northeast England.

We supply bins for all four waste streams: general, dry mixed recycling, glass, and food, uplifting daily. The waste collected will be transported to NWH Group’s central material recycling facility in Leith, except for food waste, which is diverted directly to an anaerobic digester at Millerhill, to ensure the efficient separation and recovery of recyclable and reusable materials.

Let us help you manage your waste and recycling needs this holiday season allowing you to focus on your customers.

Book our services now - https://www.nwhgroup.co.uk/services/tradewaste

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