Although it is described as road gritting, The NWH Group, don’t actually use grit.  Yes, grit gives good grip, however it can be dirty. For our works, we use the best clean white rock salt. Created from evaporated sea water, salt does not leave behind a dirty residue, so everywhere has a good grip whilst staying a bit cleaner! 

The salt spreading is automated and adjusted by the speed of our vehicles. When the vehicle stops, it will cease spreading salt until it moves again.

Equipped with a flashing amber light to warn other road users spreading is in action, these high capacity spreaders use the advanced equipment at the rear to ensure salt is spread as evenly as possible.

As it’s not always possible to spread grit on all pedestrian walkways and hard to reach areas, we will ensure maximum coverage by hand gritting these areas.

With the weather monitored with met office reports our teams are on stand by 24/7 and offer overnight gritting for minimum disruption.

Gritter with snow plough attachments also available for full snow clearance.  

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