21 February 2018

Did you know your food waste powers thousands of homes?

Did you know your food waste powers thousands of homes?

Many thanks to NWH customers, Biogen, for showing some of our team around their Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facility in Millerhill, Edinburgh. 

We found it very interesting to learn that the 30,000 tonnes per annum facility is capable of recycling all of the discarded food and also see how it is used to produce methane gas which is captured and used to generate renewable electricity.  

The process is all natural and the waste is sorted to have any contamination removed.  It is then put into air tight sealed tanks and naturally occurring micro-organisms break the material down generating heat and releasing methane which can then be converted to renewable electricity. These gases can also be used to create biofuels to run vehicles.

Also, in addition to electricity, the facility will produce a digestate material, which will be recycled back to land as a soil conditioner and fertiliser, which is high in valuable nutrients.

Who would have thought that your scrap, leftover food would be 100% recyclable and put back out into the community?

By ensuring your food waste is recycled into the correct food waste recycling bins, we can avoid sending the material to landfill and avoid releasing harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. (Methane is about 21 times more powerful at warming the atmosphere than carbon dioxide).

If you would like to speak to our sales team about the various food waste containers available from NWH Group, please email:

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