13 April 2023

We've Made Changes

We've Made Changes

We have made changes to the way in which you contact us. From a recent survey, you told us that we were not easy enough to contact and to do business with. So we have changed things to make sure that your interactions with us are slick.

What's changed?

  • We have re-implemented direct dial communication directly to the person or team that you need to get to, meaning no more waiting in phone queuing systems.
  • We have moved our operational teams back to geography teams, so if you want Edinburgh, you’ll get Edinburgh, if you want Newcastle you’ll get Newcastle.
  • We have re-aligned our e-mail, livechat and phone systems to make sure that you only have the options that you need.
  • We have increased our service level agreements, meaning that our teams must answer your call within 15 seconds of entering their department, and if you don’t receive the service that we promise, we want to hear from you.


How does this improve for you?

As always your feedback is welcomed and if you would like to let us know about your experience of this new system you can do so right here:- https://www.nwhgroup.co.uk/services/customer-feedback


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