09 February 2023

The NWH Group Run for Children 1st

The NWH Group Run for Children 1st

On Saturday the 28th of May 2023, staff from the NWH Group are taking part in the Edinburgh Half Marathon. Directors, Sales Teams, Drivers, and other teams join together and will cover a whopping 13.1 miles. The team is taking on this challenge to raise funds to help protect Scotland’s vulnerable children ad families, by supporting Children 1st – Scotland’s National Charity.  

Sadly some children have little to smile about, but we at The NWH Group are determined through our 2023 EMF fundraising efforts to give them reasons to. Simply put, a child without a childhood is like a rainbow without color, you know something wonderful and beautiful is missing.  

Please support our half marathon fundraising efforts by way of a kind donation, and message to spur us on, as together we can add a little more color into children’s lives across Scotland and help let the kids win.  

Support us here:



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