Tell us a bit about yourself (background)

I'm from Mayfield, so I'm about as local as they come. I left school with aspirations of eventing for a living, so went to college to gain some professional qualifications to support this and make some connections. After a few years of working across Britain, I came back to start my career back in Central Scotland. Shortly after, I unfortunately had a bad accident which made me revaluate my priorities and I decided to get chase a more sensible career, and keep horses as a competitive hobby.  


I began training as a Payroll Administrator in 2009, eventually working my way up to Payroll Coordinator for SRUC in 2014. I joined SRUC to help coordinate the payroll side of the merger betweenthe colleges.  It was a great opportunity for me as I attended Barony College, so it was nice to go 'back to college' as staff and work closely with my tutors and lecturers - Luckily for them I didn't cause as much trouble the second time round! After working alongside the SRUC HR Team on the big merger projects, I decided I would like to make the step across to HR, and that's when I was recruited for the role here at NWH, and I've been here for 2 and a half years.


What is the best thing about being HR Coordinator at the NWH Group?

When people need me to do something, and they bring chocolate as an incentive. And seeing my ideas and input come to life and be implemented across the business. Projects such as the long service awards and the family fun day etc. have been really rewarding to work on.  


If you got a chance to work anywhere else in the business, where would it be?

Reckon I'd be a pretty good driver. If I can control a 3/4 tonne horse with a mind of its own, what's a 32 tonne tipper…..


What has been 2 highlights during your time at NWH?

Helping to organise and attending the Strategy weekend at Crieff Hydro in 2015 was brilliant. Especially getting to work on the secret spoof video that was included in the presentation as a surprise - it was brilliant!


The next one has to be our very first Family Fun Day last year - I was so nervous that no one was going to turn up! But I was buzzing to see how busy it was, and it was great to meet the families of the staff and see people getting the chance to put names to faces from different parts of the business. Looking forward to doing it all again next month.


What gets you through a day at NWH?

The excitement of wondering which shirt Craig Dougall is going to pick for Dress Down Friday every week. Honestly, you'd be excited too if you saw them!


What have you always wanted? Have you ever got it?

I'm such a determined and persistent person that I tend to always get what I want (in a good way!) - but my biggest goal in life was to own my own horse - and this year it happened! I now have Skyfall, who is a 6 year old Irish Sports Horse. She's a bit of a diva, and keeps me on my toes doing stuff like jumping out her field, emptying my handbag, and repeatedly trying to drown the yard cat in her water bucket. She likes to cause trouble and is always up to mischief… wonder where she gets that from…..


What could we find you doing on the weekends?

Out competing or training on Skyfall, or propping up the bar in one of the many many beer tents I visit over the course of the year. I tend to make all of my best and worst decisions with a pint of cider in my hand, some of which have made some interesting stories over the years.


What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?

'I wonder what Nicola is wearing…' Its spooky how many times we've turned up in almost identical outfits.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Well NWH is getting so big its only a matter of time before there's an official need for a 'Coordinator of Social Events,' and I'm definitely the woman for that job.


Actually, talking about the rate of company growth, we can't be far off opening a site in Australia, so I'd probably take one for the team and offer to go over there to help open that. Someone has to do it….


Personally, I'd like to still be out competing with Skye, and perhaps thinking about breeding a foal from her as a new venture.


Describe yourself in 3 words:

Competitive, witty, creative.